Saturday, April 14, 2012

Exhaustion and Rays of Sunlight

It's so hard to explain how many ways our storms have impacted us since December 2010. I know things will never be like the were, but sometimes I wonder if the floodwaters will ever go back to pre-storm levels. It's not nearly as deep, and the sun shines more often, but it's hard to clean up when I keep stepping in puddles.

This whole journey has left me so exhausted, I find myself frequently longing for peace and rest in Heaven. I know God still has a purpose for me here, and I'll keep working at it, I'm just so tired. I've found that situations that may have been minor before now remind me just how exhausted I am. Stress, conflict, expectations that may not be realistic... I don't have the energy for them I once did. It all still impacts the way we make decisions in general.

However, now I have a very clear idea of the direction I want to be headed, and I want peace. I know we are still making progress in our recovery from the storms. I don't seem to be in the fog anymore, and we're on a mission. We're picking up the pieces and slowly moving forward, even if we're not back to be full pace yet.

With the weather lately, I've been seeing some beautiful artwork by God's mighty hand.
The next photos in this post are from recent moments that seemed to represent to me where our journey is now. The rain and dark clouds are still around, but I'm seeing some rays of sunlight



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