Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter will always be a reminder

Easter will always be a reminder.

As we were sitting in revival last night, I asked Aaron, "Have you thought about the fact that it's the Thursday before Easter?"

My babies were born the Thursday before Easter two years ago. I thought it was very significant. I remember so clearly the peace we felt, even as Carys' heart stopped. I remember what it felt like to touch Heaven.

I also remember how, as the peace we so desperately needed that day faded, I started to feel so down and defeated. I remember how dark Good Friday started to feel. I remember us reading the Easter Story and how I could relate to the disciples in a way I never could before, with my spirit being willing but my flesh being weak... and sore from surgery... and just utterly exhausted.

Thankfully, though, I remember the excitement as we started to focus on the miracle we experienced when we touched Heaven. I remember the excitement and gratitude as we focused on (and still focus on) how because Christ loved us THAT much, we have a home in Heaven where we can see our daughter again.

It'll actually be two years in a little less than a month from now. Heaven still feels closer than it did before Carys came for her brief stay. I am so grateful for the peace in knowing Heaven is Real. I'm so thankful... beyond words... for the gift that was given at Calvary. I'm so eternally grateful to know that, although our baby girl is not here with her brother and us, she's not lost forever.

Easter will always be a reminder. I'm so thankful.