Sunday, May 19, 2013

Numbering our days...

Since becoming a Maranomi, I've met many others with children in Heaven, and have heard the stories of many, many more. Early pregnancy losses with unknown causes, knotted umbilical cords, birth defects, rare infections and complications, and difficulties in childbirth. SIDS, death from crib accidents and falls, furniture and appliances being overturned. Car accidents, child abuse, and murders. Cancer and other terminal illnesses. The list goes on. As a mother, the thought can be terrifying.

I used to just hear that miscarriages are common in the first trimester. As if we no longer need to worry about losing our much-loved children after 13 weeks gestation. Insert sarcastic "ha" here. I've always know anyone of any age could leave this world for eternity at any time, but not until I became a Maranomi did I really FEEL the fragility of life. I've touched Heaven. I know how close it is.

Psalm 90:12
So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

It seems like I do number our days now. I'm overly aware of how quickly any of us.... from the smallest to the oldest could leave this world in any moment. I  know that, if God has me stay here for any length of time, I will most likely experience more painful losses. Though the thought of it makes me feel ill....and weary all over again, I know...without a doubt, that God will always provide.

Numbering our days helps put things in perspective. It's easier for me to look for the bigger picture and not focus so much on the details. The biggest picture is that we are ALL in this world for a period of time that, relative to eternity, is extremely short. Heaven awaits for those who have accepted God's selfless gift off forgiveness and chosen to follow Him.

The big picture is that I'm forgiven and Heaven is Real. The big picture is that I want to see you there. Any moment may be our last. Are you ready?