Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2nd Annual Ready... Set... Glo! 5k/1 mile walk

The second annual Carys Rainn Memorial Ready...Set... Glo! 5k was held Friday, June 26th. With those who preregistered and those who registered Friday night, we had a total of 198 participants. It was quite a few less than last year, but with the severe weather we had, we're pretty pleased with the turnout.

Speaking of severe weather, this is the text I received while doing the 1 mile walk in the torrential downpour that was happening. 

Needless to say, we were all soaked, but somehow it was still a good time. A walk/run in the rain in memory of our Carys Rainn.

"I sure am thinking of Carys," Pax had commented when I was explaining what it meant that it was a memorial 5k. We were all thinking of Carys.

Paxton was thrilled to be up past his bedtime, to be the first stroller across the line (for the walk- but according to him, he won the race), and to get to help passing out water with his sweet cousin Mason.

All in all, there were some factors of the evening that weren't ideal, but it was still a success. Everything we do through the foundation helps raise awareness and opens the door for grieving parents to talk about their little ones in Heaven. What a privilege we have!