Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Heaven Dove Down

Not long after the twins were born, I found a deal for a free mini book. So on a Sunday afternoon, I rushed to put together a story book of the babies' story for Pax. It's just a short little tiny book.

I read it to him tonight (and didn't cry as much as I thought I would).

He didn't say much about it, but I could tell he was really paying attention. As I was getting him ready for bed, he was just jabbering. He asked me what I've been dreaming about and talked about the Bible stories we read. He told me the 10 commandments (with some prompting of course). I thoroughly enjoyed just talking to him. What an amazing little boy he is.

The conversation led to him asking me where God and Jesus live. I told him God lives in our hearts and asked if He lived in his (he said yes). He then asked where Carys lives, which led to him asking where Heaven is. It's a little difficult to explain to a 2 year old where Heaven is. I told him it was a little hard to explain, but we could picture it being way up high. He seemed satisfied with this answer.  But then, I commented that I believe we felt Heaven the day he and his sister were born.

Of course, this prompted more questions. "Did He come down?" "Did Jesus dive down from the ceiling?"

"Did Heaven dive down?"

"Something like that, buddy."

Heaven did dive down when they were born. It dove down and totally encompassed us with overwhelming peace and love. It's not REALLY "way up high"... it's closer to us than we even realize. It has to be - we've touched it. It wasn't the first time Heaven dove down to earth... and it won't be the last.

So thankful that Heaven dives down when we need it most - and leaves us with the promise of more.

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