Friday, August 3, 2012

Trust When It's Raining

I've not posted much lately. It's not because I've not had thoughts I wanted to share, because I have (lots of them, in fact). It's just been because I've been busy.

I ran into a coworker today that I hadn't seen for quite some time. He commented that I seemed happier. I feel happier. My heart's still broken, but I'm picking up speed and functioning better. I'm not in the fog anymore (most days). I told him that I was feeling more like myself. "A changed version of myself... but more like myself."

As I take a break from working on the billion things I need to get done, I'm writing and looking out the big window in front of me... at the rain. It makes me smile. There are people scrambling to get under cover outside today (especially at the annual Route 60 yard sale this weekend), and I'm sure many of them are probably complaining about the rain and getting wet. It's probably changed some plans for some potentially unhappy people.

But still, it makes me smile.

I stopped by the cemetery on my way back into town, and the tears still come to my eyes, I still miss my baby girl just as much, but I have a deep peace within me.

The rain, to me, is now a reminder of what it means to trust. Storms can be scary (and we have had some scary storms this year!!) but when it comes down to it, they are entirely out of our control. So, we have to just trust that whatever happens, God is going to work through it. He always does. He ALWAYS has a plan that was formed out of His great Love for us.

On another note, continued prayers are appreciated as we move forward with The Carys Rainn Foundation, Inc. We are currently waiting on tax exempt status. You can find more information at and

God has a plan, He always does. 

With Peace,

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Holly said...

sending a prayer for your foundation!