Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Everything We Want, All That We Need.

We'll have everything we want in Heaven. I remember being told when I was a small child that we will have everything we want when we get to Heaven. My young mind couln't understand the concept, since I knew we couldn't take anything with us when we went. I remember thinking of my favorite possessions. At the time, my little Pound Purry kitten, Christmas Music went with me everywhere. It went with me to Kindergarten, it went with me to church, and it went with me to bed. It was so well loved, it had to undergo multiple "surgeries" to keep it together. I couldn't imagine not wanting it to go with me somewhere. I remember wondering if I'd be able to have Christmas Music the stuffed kitten in Heaven with me, and if so, how that could possibly work. I knew I'd be with my family but I knew I couldn't take physical possessions with me. Would Christmas Music just be there? Would I not WANT Christmas Music any more? What would I DO in Heaven?

I asked my mom. She smiled. I don't remember her exact response, but she basically told me that if THAT was what I wanted most in Heaven, then she was sure I'd have it.

As any of my readers already know, I view things much differently these days. I once caught a glimpse of Heaven as I held my baby girl, and there is nothing on this earth that could possibly compare.

I feel so rejuvenated just thinking of Heaven. When I focus on Heaven, the stresses of this world seem a little less significant. I look forward to the peace.

I truly believe that the meaning of our life on earth is to learn what it means to love, and then teach others. God IS love, as scripture says. It's all about the selfless relationship of a Heavenly Father. Nothing else matters. I've given a lot of thought to the matter, and have even written my understanding into a book (which is currently being edited by a friend so I can publish it).

The point is, Heaven is being home with God... surrounded by Him. Surrounded by Love. The attachment I felt to my little pound purry as a child is nothing to the incredible love that IS God.

Our wants change. I don't care about the "stuff." I care about the peace, love, and relationships. Heaven has EVERYTHING that we could ever need, and more than we could possibly want.

What I want most in Heaven now is to be joined by as many of you as possible. Will I see you there?

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