Monday, February 13, 2012

"Riddle Me This"

Time for something new... and very different than my normal posts... but a chance for a giveaway!

Einstein, Warhol, Keller, and Jung,
a common tie did bond.
Churchill, Rush, and Gable knew,
one whose year held fond.
a pilot point assembly joined
through a separation;
from a state of same did rise
a call to remember the historic.
now you have the who and when,
the what and where did follow.
answer these to win a prize,
or ask, your pride to swallow.

If anyone can figure it out, I'll have some kind of prize for you. 
After all, I do have a box that has been accumulating prize options!

good luck! 


turtle said...

Birth of Nazarene Church in Pilot Point, Texas

Keri Kitchen said...

that's 1/4 of it hehe