Monday, October 29, 2012

Projects, Projects, In the Works!

     As time allows, I'm working on several projects. I have one book, (Love Isn't Selfish) that is in the editing phase, and I've recently been working on writing the "long" version of the babies' story. Also, we're moving along with plans and activities for The Carys Rainn Foundation, Inc. (starting now with designing and decorating a tree to donate to the Paramount Arts Center's Festival of trees). We're excited to have an opportunity to get the Foundation's message out for all of the many people who visit the festival each year! I've also been feeling much more inspired lately when it comes to arts and crafts, and I will be sharing some of those projects from time to time my other blog, Rainndrops on Roses. I hope to eventually start listing items in an Etsy Shop!      
     And now, we come to this post. I've just started a new mailing list arrangement where I can manage the mailing lists for the Foundation, After the Rainn blog and the Rainndrops on Roses blog. Please sign up for the new mailing list(s) and spread the word to anyone you think may be interested in receiving news and updates from us (there is also a tab on the After the Rainn facebook page). Thanks so much!


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