Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Caption Contest

UPDATE: 10/7/12 -the Entries have been posted for voting on the After The Rainn facebook page... be sure to vote!

Same as always, here's the deal: If I have at least 10 caption entries (from 10 different people) by 11:00 pm on Friday (approximately 48 hours from now), I will then post a poll with the entries and allow voting. 
The caption with the most votes will receive a prize... 

For the prize, I have a (gently used but in great shape) copy of Max Lucado's book, Cure for the Common Life. We ended up with two copies AND the audio book, and it's a great read!

947087: Cure for the Common Life Cure for the Common Life
By Max Lucado / Thomas Nelson

* You work all day, arrive home exhausted, watch TV to unwind, and then go to bed---only to wake up the next morning and do it again. Is there a remedy for routine? Lucado says yes---and helps you embrace your uniqueness and use your singular talents to experience the "uncommon" life God intends for you. 240 pages, softcover from Nelson.

Happy Captioning!!
(Though I'm sure it won't be an issue, any caption that may be considered as disrespectful will be promptly removed)


Terirose said...

Hey Squirrel..... Squirrel...where did you go squirrel?

Birthday Buddy said...

Mommy! Did you see that? The squirrel just waved at me!!!

lara said...

Did you think if I look extra sweet mom will give me a cookie?