Friday, March 2, 2012

Historic Tornadoes

The news called tonight's outbreak of tornadoes "historic." There were tornadoes to the north of us and tornadoes to the south. There has been so much destruction, especially in the community of West Liberty, Ky. We watched the storm tracker on the local news from the hallway, since the safest room of our house would be the bathroom nearby, in the center of the house with no windows. It's a sick, helpless feeling to watch it on the screen, knowing there is nothing we can do about it.

My mind raced to think of people who may not have heard just how bad the storms were, but there's no way to call EVERYONE. I prayed. I realized how tense I was when the storm was past us and I started to breathe easier again. Paxton played, then fell asleep.

Two things really stood out to me as I watched my baby sleep and watched the storm crawling over the tri-state area on the weather maps.

I thought about how stressed I felt during the storm and how peaceful Paxton was. He had no idea of the danger that raged such a relatively short distance from our home. I wonder how much God protects us from knowing. When we want our why's answered, or our wants met... God knows what He's protecting us from when He says "no", or nothing at all. 

I also thought about the helpless feeling. When tornadoes are coming, it's easy to fear for the safety of your loved ones (especially when you know they're out in it, trying to get home). It was also a check for me. I know what's coming, and I know there are so many people who are not prepared. We never know when we will go out into eternity, and I know I have a duty to encourage as many people as possible to seek out the love of God. God has a plan for each of us. God has a plan for you. His plan includes a life in Heaven when you've left this world, but if you don't accept that gift, you'll never see the peaceful beauty of Heaven. The gift is there, He's already provided it for you. You have the choice to ignore it or take it and find an eternal joy. I know I have loved ones who aren't ready. I know I have readers who aren't ready. There's a storm coming. Please.... listen to what God has to tell you! Be still and watchful. God has something for you to see!!! HE Loves YOU.

**** Please be praying for all affected. ****

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