Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rainy Weather

I was amazed when we came home how much everything had grown. After all the rain we've had, everything looked SO green and fresh and new. The sky had dark clouds but the sun was shining past them brightly. I wondered if we'd see a rainbow. When i got home, I walked around my yard for a few minutes, looking at my plants that had grown taller. Some were blooming. I felt refreshed. Rain helped everything grow more beautiful. The rain isn't always comfortable, but our attitude toward it makes a difference. If we look at the rain like it's a miserable inconvenience, all we're going to see is mud and wet hair.

As we were making plans yesterday for Carys' graveside service and burial, Aaron commented that we may want to look at the forecast before we choose a day. Then, we decided that even if it rains, it's ok. Rain seems to have such a different meaning for us. We've been through such a storm. At times we've felt like it was flooding and we may drown, but we've never been left alone. Carys' middle name, Rainn, was chosen largely for the meaning, "abundant blessings from above." What may have looked like a miserable storm from the outside, God allowed us to see as abundant blessings. Our Rainn helped everything grow more beautiful. We've slopped through a lot of mud, but when we embraced the Rainn with open arms, nothing has ever felt better. She helped us grow more than any other experience in life could have. We're closer to each other, and most importantly, closer to our Heavenly Father. Without the Rainn, we would have had no way of being in this place of awe. We are amazed by God's plans, His perfect design, and the beauty we have experienced through Carys' short time in this world.

So, if it rains, it's a good thing, and we will embrace it. The rain brings abundant blessings from above!

"... I will cause showers to come down in their season; there shall be showers of blessing." Ezekiel 34:26


Michale Nichols said...

Keri it brings chills to me just reading your testimony. I couldnt imagine what you have been through. You are a true inspiration to others. Continuing to pray for you and your family.

Angel said...

What a great perspective, Keri. I pray that people will embrace what you say and while grieving with you also rejoice! I love that you can take your story and inspire others. Even people like me who have never carried a baby nearly to term just to have them taken to heaven so early...it is still inspiring, because loss and grief is always loss and grief and you have proven that through God we can all not only survive but come out STRONGER!!! Praise Him through the rain!

Andrea said...

Keri, your words give me chills. Your story helps keep me going, and I thank God that though we share an unfortunate common bond, we have connected through that bond. My life is better and this experience is made easier because you help give me strength. Thank you for loving your children, even through the rain.

Donna Carver said...

The peace and strength in your words is a tribute to the love you and your sweet little daughter will always share. God has truly blessed you and I'm so grateful to have been able to witness it.

Anonymous said...

I hope you remember me my maiden name was amy hamm, I was in choir with you in high school, I want to say I am so sorry for your loss. Your testimony is so amazing and your faith in the Lord so strong. I pray he continues to give you abundant peace and strength during this time in your life. Love and Prayers

Ritha Moore said...

Keri and family.....you are being prayed for, I know you can feel IT...."the presence if God".
Oh sweet Keri, your testimony is beyond my comprehension....God has surrounded you with the love to have the ability to tell your story, stay strong !

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful testimony and tribute to your little girl. A lady across the street from where I live, lost her special needs daughter. I stood on my porch and cried as the ambulance crew tried to revive her. I will never forget the sound of her mother in the street, crying for someone to come help her.
How wonderful is our God! He only can bring comfort and peace in such distress. May God bless you and your family and I know you will be used to help many with hurting hearts.

Ruthie said...

Dear Keri & Aaron,

Every time I read your messages I get tears in my eyes and chills, you both are so amazing. What a precious tribute you always give for you wonderful little angel Carys Rainn, she has brought so many people closer to God and already been such a blessing.
We are praying for your special little Paxton, praying everyday for him to grow stronger and be able to come home real soon. He is so blessed to have such dedicated God fearing parents. We love all of you and want you to know you are always in our thoughts and prayers.