Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving chores...

Today, I've been trying to do some deeper cleaning to prepare for Christmas decorating. I've had laundry going, I've been sorting through closets and finding places to store Paxton's outgrown clothes. He's been his typical, energetic self.

I put something in a box, he pulls it out. I stack a box, he knocks it over. I turn around and trip over something he pulled out into the floor. I pick up the laundry hamper to find a stash of little duckies. I put his shoes away and two minutes later, they are scattered on the floor. He beats me into a room and has the water running in the tub before I can get to him. Whew... doing chores is certainly more exhausting with a mini "helper."

...and I love every bit of it.

I'm thankful for the toys I step on as I'm carrying the laundry basket through the room. I'm thankful for the blocks scattered through my bedroom floor. I'm thankful for the pile of little clothes i'm going to need to fold and put away when it comes out of the dryer. It all means I am blessed, and I have a Heavenly Father who loves me.

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